An Tir Laurels

Below is a list of An Tir’s Laurels. You can find out more information about many of these artisans on the An Tir Wiki.

SCA Title SCA Name Areas of Interest Branch 
Dame Ælfgifu verch Morgan Experimental arcgeology, glass blowing, silver smithing, blacksmithing, waddle and daub construction, viking stuff, magyar stuff, spinning, block printing, animal husbandry, training animals, juggling, balancing, slack line, stilts Southern Three mountains (almost Terra Pomeria)
Achaxe Fostering and facilitating others in SCS arts and learning, Pazyryk, Scythian, Warring States, Anglo Saxo costuming and material culture. Costume, embroidery, applique, felting, ceramics, weaving, metal smithing, lampworking, beadwork and wirework. Dabbler in other things. Stromgard
Mistress Agnes Cresewyke Clothing, accessories, shoes (for a variety of times and places such as 14th c English/French, 16th c Turkish, 15th &16th c German, 16th c Flemish, Early Rus, Early Anglo Saxon), Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, small metalwork, leatherwork, small woodwork, scribal including ink making and pigments, carving, sculpture, drawing, bookbinding, persona research, food and cooking, and tons of other things. Lions Gate
Master Alanus of Bunghea Scandinavian Studies – Navigation, Casting and Metalwork, Shoemaking, Agriculture, Impact of Plagues Madrona & Aqua Terra
Maitresse Anne-Marie d’Ailleurs Culinary, making stuff, research, pewter, silversmithing, persona development, equestrian, enamelling, 14th to 16th century european (epecially burgundian and flemish) costume, shoemaking, etc. I’m a total dabbler 🙂 Madrone
Mistress, or Maitresse Annisa Gabrieli (Elisabetta) Scribe, Equestrian, Costume- esp. 14th & 15th Centuries, music, period encampment Madrone
(OL, OP)
Arlys o Gordon music, embroidery, manners, storytelling Barony of Three Mountains
Mistress Aryana Silknfyre Teaching, Garb, Heraldry, General Jill of many trades Wyewood
Master Charles de Bourbon Fashion, 14th-16th century: clothing, construction, styling, appliqué and coaching, accessories, furrier work. Madrone
Dame Cristiana de Huntington Ruffled Veils, Headware, 14th Century, Research Glymm Mere & River’s Bend
Maestro Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia Italian Renaissance Life, General Fiber Arts, Research, Food History, Mentorship, etc. Dragon’s Mist
Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol Fiber arts especially flax/ linen. Lacemaking. Period food and cookery. Costuming research. Heraldry, especially onomastics. Dragons Laire
Mistress Elisabeth Piper Period music, studying, teaching and performing. Elizabethan costuming. Glymm Mere
Dame Elizabeth Blackdane 16thC English anything, focus on clothing, household goods, daily life Three Mountains
Dame Elizabeth FittzWilliam of Carlisle Embroidery, hand-sewing, clothing construction Blatha an Oir
Mistress Eulalia Piebakere Food and cooking, England 1250-1350, women’s history, commoners (peasants, workers) Dragon’s Mist
Master Francis Darcy Elizabethan clothing Three Mountains
Maistre Galeran Chanterel Instrumental and Vocal Music, Bardic, Dance, High Middle Ages of France and Burgundy Coeur du Val
Maestro Guidobaldo d’Aquila Research, study and recreation of historical combat Tir Righ
Master Guillaume de Garrigues Pageantry, Music, Jousting, Pewter Madrone
Hanim Gulenay Clothing and embellishment Three Mountains
Dame Gwenllyen Potter (Gwen the Potter) pottery Dragon’s Laire
Ducessa Hlutwige Wolfkiller Central Asian Textile Arts and Cooking Arts Barony’s of Stromgard and Three Mountains
Mistress Jorunn Steinbrjotr Scandinavian Studies, Daily Life, Cooking, Food Storage, Nalbinding, Madrona
Magistra Julia Sempronia Fifth Century Roman culture, Roman cuisine, Latin poetry, Persona Development, Roman costume College of Cranehaven
Meistara Kadthlin in Storradtha That’s complicated. Primary = Viking Age everyday life (all the fiber arts (clothing, weaving, spinning, etc.), food (cooking and preservation), ceramics, a ton of minor crafts associated with living in the Viking Age) Minors = medieval ceramics, dance, medieval food, assorted medieval and ren clothing, VA poetry, VA art, brewing, dairying, jewelry, and just about anything else :). Things I DON’T do: glass, forging, armor, calligraphy, blackwork, snartemo, martial arts, equestrian, or anything that involves heavy lifting. Things I am terrible at but do anyway: woodwork, pastry, tailoring, throwing large vessels. Couer du Val
Mistress Kateryne of Hindscroft Costuming (which includes textiles, lace, embroidery, dyes/dyestuff, clothing styles, shoes, hats, gloves, etc.), medieval medicine, history (especially early 16th England) and many others Stromgard
Maitresse or Meisterin Katrine de Saint Brieuc or Katrina Runzin Zirkles 12th Century costume, 16th century German costume, 16th century German cookbooks, Waffles Three Mountains & Terra Pomaria
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin Late period European clothing, Anglo-Saxon clothing, narrow-ware weaving, embroidery (European, Asian), metalsmithing (casting, forming, piercework), oil painting (panel, canvas, etc.) Dragon’s Laire
Domna Liutgard of Luxeuil All things Frankish! (Especialially interested in education and literacy, law, and food)12th, 14th, 15th c Anglo-Frnech, particularly liturature and literacy issues, history, feminist issues, theology, Canon and Marriage Law, Heresies, Ritual and Ceremony, clothing, cookery, bestiaries, and lots of other ‘stuff’. Three Mountains, Summits
Dame Madrun Gwehyddes Tablet weaving, weaving, embroidery, book binding, applique, research Barony of Dragon’s Laire
Dame Magdalena Kress Weaving, spinning, wet felting, natural dyes Tir Righ
Dame Meagan Windemere Costuming, tentage Three mountains
Dame Morgaina atte Wodelonde ceramics, drawing, culinary, embellishment, College of Lyonsmarche
I don’t actually prefer to use one; Master appears to be the default Owen the Merry Non-musical performing arts; theater, poetry, storytelling Madrone
Phelan Tolusmidr Lampwork beads, stone carving, eddic poetry Lyonsmarche
Meistari Rauþúlfr inn Orþstóri (Rauthulfr inn Orthstori) Herbal arts; Norse & Celtic culture and lore, Story telling; Brewing; Cartography; Documentation Wyewood
Lærđimođir Sigridis ‘GALA’ Eriksdottir (Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig) Music – early music, balladry, scandinavian folk music, Anglo-Saxon Lyre, Kravik Lyre, percussion, woodwinds, Elizabethan vocal music, Singing in general, music research, music history, musuc theory, Languages (especially Scandinavian & Germanic) Lionsdale, Tir Righ
King (now), Duke (after July) Styrkarr Jarlsskald Damasquinado de Oro (gold and silver damascene), gold and silversmithing, 16th century Spain, 6th century England and the migration/Vendal era. Wastekeep
Domina Suvia filia Hereberti early Migration period material culture with a focus on women’s issues Terra Pomaria
Dona Temetgen de Worde Printing, woodcuts, bookbinding ands papermaking, pewter pornography Madrone
Magistra Tuirrean ni Chaoilte Dal gCais Scribal, Weaving, Culinary Madrone
Meisterin Ursel Lindenhayn Scribal, fabric printing, architecture Three Mountains
Mistress Yrsa Ketilsdottir Viking Age Textiles and Clothing Shire of Danescombe
Mistress Yseult of Broceliande 12th century, especially costume, fabric, enamels; I dabble in Carolingian garb & mss.; 13-14c knitting; period cooking; SCA site decoration; research in general Barony of Adiantum