Kingdom Bardic Championship Conventions

Kingdom Bardic Champion Duties

Expected duties of the Bardic Champion of An Tir will include performances for the Crown and populace of An Tir during their year as Champion. The Bardic Champion is therefore expected to attend as many events attended by TRMs as they are able. The Bardic Champion is also expected to represent An Tir in bardic competitions at inter-kingdom events such as An Tir West War. As the duties of a Kingdom Champion are significant, the Kingdom Bardic Champion cannot compete for another Kingdom level championship during their tenure.

Kingdom Bardic Championship

  1. The Bardic Champion of An Tir shall be selected by a series of performances, which will take place at An Tir Collegium in November.
  2. All entrants will need to inform the Crown and Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister of their intent to compete no later than 11:59pm on the final day of September Crown. An online entry form will be posted by the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences prior to September Crown.
  3. Each entrant shall prepare three performances in one or more Bardic categories of their choice (storytelling, instrumental, vocal, poetic, dance, or any other period style of performance). All entrants will perform Friday night and Saturday. The top three scoring entrants will also perform their third piece in the final round.
    • Two of these performance need to be period/historical pieces.
    • One performance may be an SCA/An Tir inspired piece. Note – an SCA/An Tir inspired performance may not be used in the third (final) round.
    • Entrants may enlist the assistance of others in up to two of their performances (band-members, other dancers, choir, etc.).
    • One entry must be a solo performance.
  4. The competition shall be divided into three phases:
    • Phase 1: Friday Night – All entrants will perform an entry of their choice for the populace.
    • Phase 2: Saturday – All entrants will perform a second entry for the populace. The populace will then fill out a simple voting form selecting their top three performances.
    • Phase 3: Saturday Evening – The voting will be tabulated and the top three Bards will perform a third entry during Court for the benefit of four judges: The King and Queen, the A&S Minister, and the current Bardic Champion.
  5. The Bardic Champion will be selected by the Crown with the advice of the other two judges.
  6. Time: Each performance should aim for 10 minutes or less, with a final cut-off at 12 minutes.
  7. Questions:
    • Phase 1: Friday Night – There will be no questions for the competitors.
    • Phase 2: Saturday – There will be a short time for audience questions to each competitor.
    • Phase 3: Saturday Evening – There will be time for questions to each competitor.
  8. Documentation: For each entry, all entrants will prepare a short and accurate description of the type of piece, the location and time period, and some salient points regarding period performance.
    • This should be prepared in writing and is expected to be a maximum of 500 words in length. Images may be included.
    • A short verbal summary of this information should be presented to the audience prior to each performance.
    • This documentation will be due (submitted electronically) to the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences no later than October 15th. It will then be published on the Kingdom Arts & Sciences website prior to Collegium for the populace to view.
    • One copy of this documentation should be brought for the Crown, and five additional copies that will be displayed for the populace.

Scholarly Bardic Entries

Traditional full-documentation Bardic entries are still encouraged and will now be folded into the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion rather than Bardic Champion. Kingdom Arts & Sciences competitors may enter any combination of object, process, research paper, or performance (bardic) entries.

KBC Conventions (pdf version)