Mano d’Oro

Seamus O’Caelligh is well known for his artistic abilities. For years now, he has demonstrated his prowess, both in Arts & Sciences championships, as well as Bardic championships. But these are only the beginning of the gifts which HL Seamus has shared with An Tir. He has helped to develop the Kingdom’s Apothecary Guild, showing leadership in both his own personal research, as well as in educating others. Seamus not only teaches apothecary related classes, he has worked to develop these classes as curriculum, so that they might be taught by other guild members, Kingdom-wide, as well. Seamus is a consistent presence on An Tir’s social media pages, promoting all things A&S, sharing research, supporting others, and building excitement. He is consistently kind and joyful as he shows An Tir that medieval science is truly sexy.

It was my honor to recommend HL Seamus O’Caelligh to Their Royal Majesties as a worthy recipient of the Mano d’Oro, which They granted him, this last weekend. Congratulations, HL Seamus on becoming An Tir’s 36th recipient of the Mano d’Oro.

*The Mano d’Oro is an award presented by the Crown, in consultation with the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, for significant service to furtherance of the arts and sciences in the Kingdom.

In Service to Crown & Kingdom,
Dame Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS 🙂

Mano d’Oro

I am very pleased to announce that this last weekend, at An Tir’s Twelfth Night, Their Royal Majesties Kjartan & Sha’ya awarded Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes with the Mano d’Oro. This award is granted for significant service to furtherance of the arts and sciences in the Kingdom.

Congratulations, Dame Madrun, and thank you for your service to the arts and to the Kingdom.
~Cristiana, KMoAS

Photo credit, Disa i Birkilundi.