Judging Forms Feedback

Thank you to those of you who made the pilgrimage to KASB this year. I am grateful for your participation. Please consider using this form to provide feedback on your experience with the new An Tir Kingdom Judging Form Rubrics. Judging Forms Feedback

Notes – This feedback is meant to be about the forms, not an entrant’s specifics scores. Additionally, general feedback about the event will be collected separately.

In Service to the Crown,
Dame Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS 🙂

Judging Forms Feedback

Judging Forms Editing Team

Over the last 2 years, an impressive group of people came together to redesign and update our Kingdom Judging Forms. Some people worked on the revision of content and others worked on the new format, but the new Kingdom forms would not exist without hundreds of  volunteered hours and genuine dedication to this process.

My thanks goes out to this entire group!
Cristiana, KMoAS

Ælfgifu verch Morgan
Aelianora de Wyntringham
Alicia le Wilfulle
Ariel de Courteney
Arion the Wanderer
Charles de Bourbon
Chiara Fiamma
Cristiana de Huntington
Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia
Emma Godwyfe
Eulalia Piebakere
Galeran Chanterel
Geoffrey Higgenbotham
Gwyneth Gower
Hlutwige Wolfkiller
Idonia of Sherwood
Ieuan Gower
Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue
Jenae’ la Joyeaux
Judith de Northumbria
Juliana de Luna
Laurellen de Brandevin
Leith An Amhrenai dal gCais
Madrun y Gwehyddes
Martin le Harpur of Faulkbourne
Marya Kargashina
Morgaina of the Woodlands
Owen the Merry
Seamus O’Caellaigh
Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig
Stephen of Hunmanby
Suvia filia Heriberti
Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais
Vivien NicUldoon
Wulfstan Hrafnsson

KASB 2017 Schedule

Friday, March 10th
9AM — Site opens for SET-UP CREWS ONLY! {Every Space In Use For The Weekend}
NOON — Gate opens FOR COMPETITOR SET-UP ONLY. {Pre-Function Area, Competitors will be setting up in Whale Room, Deer “B” Room, Chief Kitsap Room, and Chief Chico Room at this time}
3PM – Gate opens for General Admission (Hotel Check-In Time) {Pre-Function Area}
3PM – Guilds and Display Tables can Start Set-Up {Pre-Function Area}
8:30 PM — Judging class, taught by Dame Cristiana {Deer “A” Room}

Saturday, March 11th
7:30AM — Gate Opens
8AM – Countess Aryana’s Firebird Courier Service Meeting {Deer “A” Room}
8:15AM — Student Judges Meeting {Deer “A” Room}
8:30AM — Judges Meeting {Deer “A” Room}
8:30AM – Entrants Meeting {Salmon Room}
9AM — Invocation Court {Salmon Room}
9:20AM — Judging begins {Whale Room, Deer “B” Room, Chief Kitsap Room, and Chief Chico Room}
9:30AM — Merchants open (After Court) {Salmon Room}
9:30AM — Guild displays open (After Court) {Pre-Function Area}
11AM — Heraldic consulting table opens {Pre-Function Area}
11AM — Heavy tourney list opens {Either Grassy Field In Front of Resort Hotel or in Designated Parking Spaces in Garage (Weather Dependent)}
11:30AM — Heavy tourney armor inspection {Either Grassy Field In Front of Resort Hotel or in Designated Parking Spaces in Garage (Weather Dependent)}
12 NOON — Heavy tourney begins {Either Grassy Field In Front of Resort Hotel or in Designated Parking Spaces in Garage (Weather Dependent)}
1PM — Embellishers Guild meeting {Long table in Lobby of Resort Hotel}
4PM — Heraldic consulting table closes {Pre-Function Area}
5PM — Gate closes (end of judging) {Pre-Function Area}
6PM – Evening Court {Salmon Room and Whale Room Combined}
8PM — Dragons Laire party (1/2 hour after Court) {Individual Hotel Room Gathering}


Sunday, March 12th
8:30AM — Laurel meeting {Deer “A” Room}
9:30AM – Opening Court {Salmon and Whale Room Combined}
10AM — Presentations Begin / Sunday Judging Begins (Salmon Room and Whale Room Combined}
11AM — Hotel Check-out
3PM — Site closes (Entire Site}

Student Judges at KASB

For those of you who are Student Judging at Kingdom Arts & Sciences or Kingdom Bardic next weekend, there is a required Student Judging meeting in the Deer “A” Room at 8:15am on Saturday morning. Student Judges are not required to have attended the Kingdom Judging Forms Training Class (which will be offered again on Friday at 8:30pm), but it is recommended if possible.

If you are interested in Student Judging at KASB and have not yet signed up, please contact Mistress Sionann at artsnsci.competitions@antir.org.

The KASB event schedule can be found here: KASB Event Schedule

In Service to the Crown,
Cristiana, KMoAS

KASB Presentations

This year, each KASB presentation/judging session will take a total of 80 minutes. The time will break down as follows:
20 minutes – Entrant Presentation
20 minutes – Judge Questions to Entrant
40 minutes – Judges Consultation Time

This timeline will allow 40 minutes for judges to spend time with the entrant, and then 40 minutes for judges to consult with each other. It is our hope that this increase in time for both entrant presentations and judging consultations will enhance the experience for everyone involved.

In Service to the Crown,
Dame Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS