Kingdom Bardic Championship Entrant Registration

Greetings An Tir.

It is with great excitement that I announce that the registration process for Kingdom Bardic has begun. Please use this online form (Register for Kingdom Bardic 2017) to register for Kingdom Bardic competition entry and request the Crown’s permission to compete for Their Championship.

Registration will be open from August 23 – September 4, 2017.

Kingdom Bardic has moved to Collegium and it is certain to be a glorious weekend filled with skilled artisans, enthusiastic competition, amazing classes, and joyous laughter. I look forward to seeing you all there. 🙂

In Service to Crown & Kingdom,
Dame Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS

Kingdom Bardic Championship Conventions

The Crown of An Tir has announced the new format for the Kingdom Bardic Championship. The details of this new format can be found here:

Please note that the online registration form will be posted shortly. After registration has ended on the final day of September Crown, the Collegium schedule will be built and published. This will allow entrants to determine other activities they may wish to participate in at Collegium.

Because of the changing of events, this year the time to prepare for the Bardic Championship is shortened. While that is unfortunate, it is a consistent reality for all competitors and it cannot be helped. This new championship schedule (A&S in the spring and Bardic in the fall) has the added benefit of allowing all An Tirian Crowns to now be involved in the selection of an arts-related Kingdom Champion.

And finally, a personal note. The changes put forward in this announcement will certainly be met with excitement by some and hesitation from others. I would ask that everyone be patient and assume good intent. The joys and difficulties that accompany change are certain to occur. Know that a great deal of thoughtful consultation has taken place between the Crown of An Tir, members of the bardic community, and many former An Tirian Bardic Champions.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Dame Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS

An Tir Collegium

The An Tir Collegium will take place on November 11 – 13, 2016 in the Barony of Wastekeep. For the latest information on this event, check out the Event Website.

In Service,
Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS 🙂

Society A&S Survey

Greetings, artisans of An Tir.

The Society MoAS has put together a short form for collecting data in regards to SCA Known World Symposium / Collegiums. It only takes a minute to fill out. 🙂

In Service,
Cristiana de Huntington, KMoAS

A&S Survey