Classes at May Crown

May Crown Class Schedule

Time A&S Pavilion – Side A

A&S Pavilion – Side B


HL Disa i Birkilundi – Posament

Sarra the Brave – Spindle Spinning





HL Disa i Birkilundi – Norse Wire Weaving

Heraldry Class


Tamra – Historical Dyes and Colors Lecture

Class Descriptions:

PosamentHL Disa i Birkilundi

2 hours
Max 8
Cost $5

Posament is a textile embellishment technique using a wire coiled around a silk cord found almost exclusively in Birka, Sweden in the tenth century. We will discuss history, resources and creation methods for both the coiled wire (tentrad) and the posament itself.


Norse Wire Weaving – HL Disa i Birkilundi

2 hours
Max 8
Cost $10

We will learn the basics of Norse Wire Weaving. Students will receive everything that they need to complete one necklace. Please bring a set of wire cutters if possible.


Historical Dyes and Colors – Tamra

The class will cover a brief history of natural dyes, detailing when and where certain dyes came into use. We will also discuss modern safety procedures as well the differences in dyeing animal and vegetable fibers and common mistakes to avoid. I will have fiber color samples to examine and various dye books for people to look at. Pretty much really a time where I show you all a lot of cool stuff, talk super nerdy and we all get excited about colors. Want to know more about Tyrian Purple and actually get to see color samples and murex shells? This is the place to be!


Spindle Spinning – Sarra the Brave

1 hour
Cost: $5

Add another skill to your fiber arts toolbox. We will discuss fiber and spinning and learn how to spin yarn on a drop spindle. Class is $5 if you want to take home one of my spindles and accompanying fiber. If not, class is free. Feel free to bring your own spindle and fiber of your choice.